How to enrol

Enrolment Patterns

For permanent care, you enrol your child for a set number of days per week. There is no minimum number of days requirement, so you can enrol anywhere from one to five days per week, the choice of day/s is yours (subject to a place being available).

If you wish you to leave the service two weeks written notice must be given.

How to Enrol your child

To arrange an enrolment interview simply call us on (02) 8883-5565 and we will be happy to make a time for you to come in. We recognise that quite often both parents are interested in looking at their child’s prospective child care service and to that end we are very happy to arrange after hours inspections for partners who can’t make it in during our normal hours.

  • The steps to enrol are as follows
  • Come in for your interview and inspect the service (recommended, but if you are not able to come in we can make alternative arrangements)
  • Complete our enrolment form.
  • Pay our enrolment fee (only charged if you are taking up a confirmed place).
  • Provide, or undertake to provide the following as soon as you have them to hand (these documents are required by legislation);
            • A copy of your child’s birth certificate or other proof of age document
            • Copies of any court orders that may apply either to the custody of your child of for persons prohibited from contact or collection.
            • Any information you have on any health management issues that apply to your child (e.g. An Asthma management plan if your child has Asthma).
  • Alternatively, you can fill the enrolment form online and we will contact you for further information and payments. Just copy and paste the link and fill the form.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do!  Your child would now be enrolled and you would have a confirmed spot to start on an agreed date. Simple peace of mind for you, especially if you are booking in advance for the following year and need to know your child is sorted!