What is a Christian Based Service?

Our Ethos and what it means for your child:

Being a Christian Based service, we do say grace before meals and sometimes we will say a very short prayer for sick friends, staff or at times some other area of general community concern (e.g. short prayer for rain).

We endorse mainstream Christian beliefs but follow no specific denominational doctrine, so families from across the Christian belief spectrum should not find anything that will contradict their specific doctrinal beliefs. We also respect each individual family’s right to their own beliefs, so families from other and or non religious faiths are also made to feel welcome and their beliefs respected. All we ask is that families and children who do not, for any reason, wish to take part in Grace, etc, just remain silent out of respect for their friends.

We celebrate Christmas from both a general community level (Santa Claus, Reindeers, Elf’s and all the exciting Christmas fun) but we also recognise the Christian viewpoint of the birth of Christ. Likewise with Easter we have Easter Egg hunts, Easter bunnies and Easter Hat Parades but we also acknowledge the Christian viewpoint of “New Life”. We therefore do not ban Santa Claus, Easter Bunnies, Etc, but leave this to each individual family to follow their own beliefs in this regard.

We don’t decorate or celebrate our service for Halloween as firstly we don’t believe in importing this type of foreign culture and secondly, it isn’t compatible with our Christian ethos. We respect those families who choose to participate but we ask that out of respect for us, those traditions are kept away from the centre.

We welcome children from all beliefs and backgrounds and we treat the beliefs and celebrations of the differing religions with respect and tolerance, as well as teaching the children to have respect and tolerance for all beliefs.

We have children at Treasure Cove from Islamic, Hindu and other religious backgrounds and we strive to ensure that we always cater for their specific requirements. What ever your particular beliefs, background or country of origin, you will find Treasure Cove to be a happy, fun filled service that will welcome you into it’s extended Treasure Cove family.