Our Philosophy

Treasure Cove is committed to creating a secure, home like environment that is warm, friendly, relaxed and an open atmosphere which is stimulating. We are a multi-cultural centre and believe that the diversity of cultures, practices and beliefs among children, families, staff of our centre and in the local community defines who we are.

We Believe

Role of Children: “Individuals and competent learners”

Children are respected and viewed as competent, capable, curious, and natural researchers who are full of knowledge, potential and interested in connecting to the world around them. We strive to build trusting relationships with all children, to enhance each child’s sense of belonging and wellbeing, which in turn supports each child’s holistic development.

Embracing Diversity:Everyone is treated with equity”

We recognise and celebrate diversity, abilities, differences and strongly respect and value children’s cultural and religious backgrounds. Children become aware that they belong to many cultures and communities, including the Darug people on whose land we learn, broadening their understanding and awareness of the world in which they live. Children believe they learn best about different cultures by celebrating them with friends and family and engaging in related activities.

Role of Families/community: “Families are our partners”

We acknowledge families are a child’s first teacher and respect their decisions, values, beliefs, and cultural diversity. We believe that when there is a collaborative respectful partnership between all parties then everyone benefits. We value parent feedback and suggestions with sharing of ideas, skills, and family input forms.

An Emergent Learning Process: Learning is a journey”

Children have their own learning styles, strengths, interests, and we encourage and promote this through play-based learning. They believe that they learn best by practicing, being with their friends, playing with toys and talking to the teachers. Our curriculum is influenced by children where their ideas and decision forms the basis of our program.

Valuing educators: Collaboration and commitment to professional development”

As Educators we value one another’s contributions and reflect upon ourselves and practices and value the need for ongoing professional development. As professionals we are guided by the Early Childhood Code of Ethics (2006), National Quality Framework and all Early Education and Care Legislation.

Promoting Sustainability: “We care for our planet”

We believe in developing sustainable practices throughout the service. As educators we intentionally teach sustainable practice to allow young children to become responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

Learning Environment:The environment is a child’s third teacher”

Providing safe, secure, and nurturing indoor and outdoor learning spaces that encourage exploration, observation, imagination, and problem solving. We strive to enrich and stimulate children’s learning environment that facilitates the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of a child. We are guided by the principles of being, Belonging and Becoming, the NQF and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).